Please share your thoughts to help us build a better conference next year ....

What did we do well?
What features of K12 Online 2007 should be included again next year?
Compliments are also welcomed. ;-)

Smooth technology platform, no glitches or crashes. Good moderator training
I really enjoyed meeting and learning live from some of the most cutting edge educators from around the world. The conference brought together a clear directory, to watch presentations, instead of me scattering around the web trying to make sense of this on my own. Thanks for creating the space.

I had some problems downloading a few of the presentations


What didn't work or go very well?
Please share constructive criticism.
A problem with a potential solution is most welcomed. ;-)

Too many moderator emails with overlapping lists of things to do leading up to the event that confused me. Instead I would recommend updating the moderator wiki and just emailing us that it has been updated.

Seemed like there were too many wiki's (wikispaces and pb wiki) try to mashup all the sites and wikis more smoothly and organized in one main wiki or site.

Suggestions For Next Year
We're already looking ahead to next year.
Your input is important to us.
You have the floor ... ;-)

Add a live chatroom that stays on throughout the whole ordeal. More marketing flyers that explain the conference in easier terms for us to print out and hang up in school.

Moderator's Summary
When your skypecast has concluded please add a summary,
200 words or less, of what was discussed here.
And thanks for being a part of this!

Chris talked about using wiki's to make class portfolios
Alex Ambrose talked about using aggregators and class start pages
Vance talked about teaching writing online