Please share your thoughts to help us build a better conference next year ....

What did we do well?
What features of K12 Online 2007 should be included again next year?
Compliments are also welcomed. ;-)

Elluminate was awesome!! When I think back to the wacky world of Skype last year, this was a walk in the park, a ride in a luxury car. There was occasional hesitancy to participate, of course, and a few missteps - but a very friendly and easily mastered environment - just a fantastic opportunity! Do it again next year (please!), and maybe we can have more than one live video by then - who knows?!

I think that the the Eluminate experience was wonderful. Participants could choose to contribute through chat, audio, or the interactive whiteboard. This allowed for a variety of ways to contribute to the conversation. Being able to see Mark's resources through the web tour was fantastic! I enjoyed collaborating with people from around the world. What a fantastic experience.


What didn't work or go very well?
Please share constructive criticism.
A problem with a potential solution is most welcomed. ;-)

As moderator, I pulled up web pages a few times using the "go to url" icon, to illustrate what I was talking about - which worked great (once I was explaining and illustrating Alan Levine's feed2js program, for example). I did not see this used much in other hours when I dropped by - I guess that would be a suggestion for next time - somehow making moderators more aware of that powerful tool in that space. Whiteboards are cool - but for about 10 minutes...

I agree with Mark that a quick demo of tools would be great. I know Sheryl offered this after one of the fireside chats, but I wasn't sure if we that were moderating the When Night Falls were supposed to attend.

Suggestions For Next Year
We're already looking ahead to next year.
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Consider TWO events: When Night Falls, and As Day Breaks (or something catchier), a week or two or month later, when people have actually found the time to watch and digest more of the presentations. Maybe the later wrap-up session(s - two would be good) could be in Elluminate as well, but last only two hours each, at different ends of the 24 hour clock, to accomodate most participants....

I like Mark's idea of hosting another session a few months after the conference ends. What a great way to find out how participants are using what they learned in their practice.

Moderator's Summary
When your skypecast has concluded please add a summary,
200 words or less, of what was discussed here.
And thanks for being a part of this!

We had about a dozen folk in for most of the time. To be honest, I can't recall specifics of what went on, as I was a participant at several other times during the day, and it kind of blurs together at this point. Talk ranged from discussions of presentations, to presenters talking more in depth about their presentations, to participants asking each other what was going on in their educational worlds. A very friendly group. In general, participants had plenty to say, not too much dead time, pretty much right on topic, the usual apologies from everybody for not being able to watch as many presentations as they'd wanted to...

It truly was a nice hour, and it went by pretty fast. Janice Stearns was a great co-moderator. Thanks to the organizers for making this possible! - Mark

200 words or less. hmm. The one thing I remember as a suggestion for next year (I can't remember if it was discussed in our session or another) was to have a different presentation for the audio and the video feed. The suggestion pertained to the fact that sometimes the video portion of the presentation wasn't really necessary for learning from the presentation and that sometimes it was vital. Their suggestions were that maybe there could be different styles of presentations. Personally, I think it was wonderful to have access to both the audio and video feed of the presentations. Given that time is very limited for me, I do most of my learning from audio podcasts on my commute. When I found that listening to the audio feed wasn't enough, I would revisit the presentation through the video feed. I appreciate that it was so easy to download and access. Perhaps there could be separate feeds for the full video and the iPod ready video.

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to co-host the event. How wonderful to be able to work with someone like Mark Ahlness! I enjoyed being able to contribute while learning. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Your hard work is truly appreciated.