Please share your thoughts to help us build a better conference next year ....

What did we do well?
What features of K12 Online 2007 should be included again next year?
Compliments are also welcomed. ;-)

When Night Falls flickr photos was an awesome idea. It enabled participants to share their world. Seeing a picture of someone's world made it even more real and helped to make even stronger connections with each other.
It was impossible to pick out a best session - so many of them were great.
With many of our busy lives, it is wonderful that we are able to access the sessions as we have time. In addition, being able to revisit them to further learn and reflect.


What didn't work or go very well?
Please share constructive criticism.
A problem with a potential solution is most welcomed. ;-)

No problems were mentioned.

Suggestions For Next Year
We're already looking ahead to next year.
Your input is important to us.
You have the floor ... ;-)

Some suggestions for next year included finding a way to further use Twitter.
Also, create additional ways for participants to connect with each other and to share, perhaps through delicious.
Finally, creating ways to have more live interactive chats about the sessions.

Moderator's Summary
When your skypecast has concluded please add a summary,
200 words or less, of what was discussed here.
And thanks for being a part of this!

The discussion focused on your greatest take away from the k12Online conference.
The entire conference was seen as a new way to offer professional development which would meet the needs of individual teachers. Using the format of K12Online, participants hoped to engage people in their organizations and schools. In addition, they thought it offered an opportunity to involve students as participants in professional development.
The K12Online conference was also viewed as a staff room - a place where we can share our challenges and our victories. It is a network of professionals which has further strengthened through new and greater personal connections and new perspectives and viewpoints.
Wikis, podcasts, and VoiceThread were addressed as tools to take away immediately and use with students with many suggestions of sites to check out as examples.