Please share your thoughts to help us build a better conference next year ....

What did we do well?
What features of K12 Online 2007 should be included again next year?
Compliments are also welcomed. ;-)

Clay here: Everyone agreed that K12O was a very worthwhile experience. What did it NOT do well? Bravo.


What didn't work or go very well?
Please share constructive criticism.
A problem with a potential solution is most welcomed. ;-)

Clay here: I didn't get a When Night Falls final email - was left off the mailing list, though I confirmed as requested. Led to a bit of a scramble before going live. Small potatoes, though.

Suggestions For Next Year
We're already looking ahead to next year.
Your input is important to us.
You have the floor ... ;-)

Clay here: Classifying presentations into more fine-grained categories (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced; Subject Area; Grade/Age Level; Tools and Pedagogies addressed; whether presenter is a classroom teacher, etc) was mentioned as a helpful refinement for next year.

Moderator's Summary
When your skypecast has concluded please add a summary,
200 words or less, of what was discussed here.
And thanks for being a part of this!

Clay here: Using tags to link student blog entries via Technorati to encourage global connectivity; using tags to scaffold student reading of other blogs via age group (tag with age or grade, plus with subject area or topic?); North/South hemisphere school year obstacles to collaboration (your winter is my summer, etc). Cellphones. Quality blogging. Encouraging teacher buy-in at your school.