First, Sharon Peters with Arthus was the moderator, and Darren K. joined us (thanks everyone)

Please share your thoughts to help us build a better conference next year ....

What did we do well?
What features of K12 Online 2007 should be included again next year?
Compliments are also welcomed. ;-)

Alice Mercer liked the different formats and time signatures.
  • Many were a shot in time type presentations based in video. But the Seedlings is an example of a presentation where the initial part is just the beginning, since participants join a Ning social network which will continue to build over time.
  • The tools part was really focused on pedagogy, not just tools, which was nice.
  • Lots of emphasis and ongoing analysis and reflection and not just in PD strand


What didn't work or go very well?
Please share constructive criticism.
A problem with a potential solution is most welcomed. ;-)

Alice Mercer did not like the Fireside on week 2.

Suggestions For Next Year
We're already looking ahead to next year.
Your input is important to us.
You have the floor ... ;-)

Alice Mercer suggests: Tear Down the Walls....
  1. I suggested a strand on tearing down walls of access and although Obstacles to Opportunities had some great examples, I think you need to have step by step of building an advocacy campaign
Other peoples suggestions that could fit in this theme:
  • Student strand: Tear down the walls between students and teachers - interactive international student panel
  • More international input: Tear down the walls between countries, not so U.S. centric
  • Pedagogy: Continue to tear down walls between tools and pedagogy
  • Interactivity: Add interactive discussions to presentations - watch together and toss thoughts at each other

Moderator's Summary
When your skypecast has concluded please add a summary,
200 words or less, of what was discussed here.
And thanks for being a part of this!