Confirmed for Attendance

Liz Kolb (depending on cooperation of newborn)
Drew Murphy
Cheryl Oakes (and Bob Sprankle and Alice Barr)
Vance Stevens, pretty sure (and team of Nelba Quintana; Saša Sirk)
Anne Davis
Sylvia Martinez (definite maybe)
Kevin Jarrett (pretty sure)
Konrad Glogowski (for first 45 min.)
Dean Shareski
Chris Harbeck
Frank Pirrone
April Chamberlain
Jason Hando (probably)

Not able to Attend

Sharon Betts
Wendy Wolfe
Jeff Utecht

Waiting to Hear From

Silvia Tolisano (Darren: I'm not certain, but I think Silvia may be in Egypt with her students.)
Kurt Paccio
James Gates