Confirmed for Attendance

Joe Bires
Vicki Davis
Brandi Caldwell
Susan Ettenheim (90% chance she will make it!)
James Folkestad: has class at that time. Will try to join in within my class (this will depend on how class is going).
Arvind Grover
Vincent Jansen
Bonnie Kaplan (for Kevin Hodgson)
Patrick Ledesma (teaching a class at the time, may login towards the end)
Cheryl Oakes
Sharon Peters
Alex Ragone
Jeff Utecht (will be late, will login around 7:45 to 8:00)
Vinnie Vrotny
Jen Wagner (will be late)


Kevin Hodgson (may be late/may be represented by colleague, Bonnie Kaplan)

Not able to Attend

Karen Richardson (will be out of town during the session, but will try to participate from hotel room)

Waiting to Hear From

Shawn Nutting
John Pearce
Ben Wilkoff
Sylvia Martinez
Lisa Durff
Lee Baber
Paul Allison