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While participating (or afterwards if you like) in When Night Falls click on the time slot(s) you were participating in and please share your feedback and that of your participants on the conference so we can build a better one for next year!

Darren, Sheryl, Wes, Lani

12:00 AM GMT with Jane Nicholls and Vinnie Vrotny
4:00 AM GMT with Jennifer Wagner and Charlene Chausis
8:00 AM GMT with Paul Harrington
12:00 PM GMT with Pamela Livingston
4:00 PM GMT with Jennifer Wagner and Susan Van Gelder
8:00 PM GMT with Terry Freedman and Julie Lindsay
1:00 AM GMT with Kristin Hokanson and Elizabeth Davis
5:00 AM GMT with Drew Murphy
9:00 AM GMT with Paul McMahon and Clay Burrell
1:00 PM GMT with Susan Van Gelder, Tonia Johnson
5:00 PM GMT with Vance Stevens and Bobbi Stevens
9:00 PM GMT with Grady Farnum Rendino and Mark Arnold
2:00 AM GMT with Stephanie Sandifer and Kim Vance
6:00 AM GMT with Jo McCleay and Julie Lindsay
10:00 AM GMT with Chris Harbeck and Alex Ambrose
2:00 PM GMT with Rachel Murphy
6:00 PM GMT with Linda Nitsche
10:00 PM GMT with Chris Betcher
3:00 AM GMT with Kim Cofino and Susan Sedro
7:00 AM GMT with Jane Nichols and Clay Burrell
11:00 AM GMT with Graham Wegner and Chris Harbeck
3:00 PM GMT with Mark Alhness and Janice Stearns
7:00 PM GMT with Charlene Chausis and Dennis Richards
11:00 PM GMT with Vinnie Vrotny and Chris Betcher